Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Research Supporting the railway industry through technical documentation

Supporting the railway industry through technical documentation

International technology company Semcon is helping companies in the railway industry stay on track with their advanced technical documentation.

In order for the operation and maintenance of trains and railways to run safely and smoothly, detailed and continually updated documentation solutions are required.

The company’s experts have produced documentation for several major suppliers in the railway industry. They also support customers in efficiently meeting the unique requirements of each train delivery.

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Claes Andersson, Semcon’s Rail Manager of Product Information Sweden, said: “Semcon’s solid expertise and long experience in the railway industry enable us to support our customers in establishing the routines and processes required to produce technical documentation that helps end users.”

The amount of documentation included in the deliveries in the railway industry is enormous, with everything from predictive maintenance, service of engines, instructions for emergency braking and manuals for the train driver.

Claes added: “A delivery of documentation to a train owner can contain a very large amount of documents. Having the right tools and prior knowledge of rules and requirements in the industry is absolutely crucial.”

The target group for the information includes operators, fitters, maintenance technicians, on-board staff. The information itself can be delivered in the form of written manuals, digital documents or micro learning apps.

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Photo credit: Semcon

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